Consumer Forum Helpline


"When you buy goods and services you are protected by the law – the Consumer Protection Act of 1986."

Consumer Forum Helpline was started under the expert guidance of eminent Consumer Lawyer Advocate Mujeeb Effendi of Lucknow and supported by Effendi and Effendi Associates. The helpline was started with the aim of -

  • guiding consumers in finding solution of problems arising in their day to day dealings with business and service providers
  • facilitating consumers in filing complaints against defaulting service providers and
  • developing awareness among customers about their rights and responsibilities.

How can we help?

The consumer can contact us by filing online complaint form, email, facebook, sms / whatsapp no. As soon as a complaint is received our team immediately contact the concerned co. and initiate the actions to get it resolved. We help and guides the consumer to file their consumer complaints in the consumer court by following a three tier approach.

  1. The consumer is informed of his rights in a particular consumer problem and who he /she should approach in the concerned Co. or organisation.
  2. If the consumer problem remain unresolved - industry level bodies or Chamber of Commerce, industry regulators or Govt. officials who are in charge are approached.
  3. If still unresolved - as a last resort consumer is advised to take their case to consumer courts under the Consumer Protection Act.
We try to promote avenues of out of court settlement of consumer disputes and resultantly helps to reduce the burden on Consumer Courts.

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